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IMS has some truly outstanding sports facilities. We love school sports in school, which is one of the reasons we work so hard to provide exceptional facilities, along with a wide range of exciting opportunities to get our students active. School provides diverse sports facilities to the students with necessary infrastructure and amenities.

Following are the IMS’s sports specialties;

Sport & PE facilities

  • Indoor sports pitch is made to provide multipurpose.
  • The Pitch has Basket Ball
  • Shuttle / Badminton
  • Volley Ball
  • Table Tennis

The Morning Assembly is held in the indoor sports Pitch.


  • An indoor multipurpose sports pitch 
  • Volleyball court
  • Handball
  • Basketball court
  • Chess
  • Carom
  • Table tennis
  • Children’s Play Ground and Park


  • Music
  • Dance
  • Art
  • Craft
  • School Band
  • Inter-school sports meet
  • Science exhibitions
  • Inter-school literary competitions
  • NCC
  • Nepal Scouts
  • Red Cross
  • Field events
  • Trekking
  • Karate / Taekwondo
  • IMS annual Literary Festival

On–Campus Coaching:

We have the achievable Cricket, football, Table Tennis, and Basketball teams in the District. Sports teacher Coaches for each game coach and takes care of each student’s improvement in the Game opted for.

The games offered are Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Shuttle, and Badminton. The school teams play at District and State levels and add to the laurels every year.

Co-Curricular Activities:

Classes from Kindergarten to IX are trained to stage a program of their own, every week. These ‘Talent Search Programme’ initiate Personality Development of each individual beginning at their very early years at School. Elocution, Fancy Dress, Dance, Quiz, Extempore, Debate, Essay-Writing, Music Contests, and Dramatics find places in the school’s calendar. Karate, Piano, Guitar, and native dance are taught as Optional Co-curricular courses.

Learning Outdoors:

Itahari, being located in Tarai / plain Station the environmental education plays an important role in the life of the students of IMS.

  •  Field trips, picnics, and library visits are the important aspects of the methodology we use in the Learning Process.

Scouts – NCC – Go-Green:

The School believes in nurturing the Child in the field of selfless service to the Community.

  •   To provide selfless service to society, students are trained through Nepal Scouts.
  • With recognition by the Government, the School has also started Nepal Cadets Corps (NCC) for deserving Students, through which they are exposed to military service.
  •   The Student – members of the ‘Go-green’ work through various projects like Forest Conservation and Water-Testing, to ensure that the novelty of Itahari remains unfaded. IMS plans to provide each student with a tree sapling to plant it. This would be done every year when the admission starts.

Spiritual Activities:

Spiritual Growth is just as important as Physical, Intellectual and Social growth. The Institution nurtures its students through a well-disciplined way of understanding and Spirituality. The students of each Faith are equally accepted.

(Parents Teachers Association) PTA Meetings:

The Overall growth and development of a child are best tackled when both Parents and Teachers work hand-in-hand. The two meet bi-annually to discuss the growth factors and help to avoid unsolved problems. The PTA Meetings build up a cordial relationship between the Parents and the Teachers, thus enabling assisted complete growth of the children. Parents and Guardians meeting is held class-wise from Magh 26th to 29th. Parents’ Day with academic Prize distribution is held on Falgun 8th.

Skill Development

The inherent qualities of the students are made lime-lighted through conducting event competitions on the debate, poetry writing, quiz, essay creative corner, assembly speech and spelling contest, etc.,