Audio Visual Hall

Itahari Model School

Audio Visual Hall

Smart Class

Two classrooms are equipped with Audio Visual facilities powered by IMS-Smart class.

The lessons are taught using animated videos, movies, descriptions, slides and practical examples which makes the class room more interesting and a fun place to be for our children.

With technology reaching and enhancing every sphere of our life, we at IMS are committed in providing Standard Education in class room teaching.


A Smart Class is an experience by itself. Smart Class enables the teachers to teach the children with the help of Interactive course content; this in turn makes the students more attentive and interested in learning.

Smart Class equips students to grasp their syllabus with ease, and proves to be more efficient than conventional methods of teaching. IMS-Smart class, a pioneering effort in providing Smart Classes to schools in Itahari, gives the teachers a “knowledge center” to revert back to, and therefore enables them to convey the contents of the curriculum in the most interactive and intuitive ways. And it is in this way that IMS plays a very smart role in Education.